Ghana Health and Education Initiative
(March 2016-August 2016)

I served as the Health Program Coordinator for a community based organization in Humjibre, Ghana. I worked with local staff and community partners to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate a variety of health programs. I led the health team on program development and monitoring for a longitudinal maternal health program, as well as continued program monitoring and evaluation of the Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Health Facility Delivery Incentive programs. Along with the local health team, I led the community handover of the Handwashing with Soap in Schools programs, and scale-back of the Malaria Prevention program. I also planned and facilitated community-wide health evaluation and outreach projects carried out by short-term volunteer groups.

International Institute of Saint Louis
(August 2014-May 2015)

I worked at Missouri's refugee resettlement organization assisting refugee clients from The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Myanmar, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bhutan with health insurance and establishing primary care providers. I also coordinated with multiple non-profits to provide immunizations for refugee adults and children, and created health literacy materials for public distribution throughout the state of Missouri.

George Warren Brown School of Social Work
(October 2013-August 2014)

I worked with Professor Gautam N. Yadama on a randomized control trial of sustainable improved cookstoves in rural India, and the consequent health effects on women and children. I also helped design causal loop diagrams to understand how gender, health, income, education, biodiversity, agricultural practices, and energy sources affect the adoption of safe-burning cookstove technology.

Washington University School of Medicine: Division of Public Health Sciences
(May 2013-October 2013)

Assisted Professor Melody S. Goodman in a longitudinal public health research course for community members to develop community based participatory research skills. The project also involved surveying individuals at an outpatient health clinic and administering health literacy assessments, as part of a larger project examining racial health disparities in the city of St. Louis.

George Warren Brown School of Social Work
(October 2012-May 2013)

Researched exposure assessment implications, and negative birth outcomes in correlation to water contaminants with Professor Zorimar Rivera-Núñez.

United States Peace Corps, Abai, Kazakhstan
(August 2010-November 2011)

Planned and team-taught English classes with local counterpart for grades 5-11, and a weekly English course for adults, in a community of 700 people. I also independently organized a Women's Leadership Camp, completed cross-cultural competency training, and project design training.

Other Things

I speak Kazakh (advanced), French (intermediate), Russian (beginner), and Spanish (beginner).

I am a sometimes-runner, a terrible and enthusiastic dancer, a joyful gardener, and I'm married to the amazing Matthew J. Kusner.